Sunday, January 12, 2014

Doc and Monk and Ham and Rennie and Long Tom and Johnny.....and Lamont

Pulp. I love pulp. I remember when they began publishing the reprints of the Doc Savage novels. I read one and was hooked. Of course, I'd already known and loved H.P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard, plus many many many of my favorite science fiction and fantasy writers started out in pulp.

For many readers today, pulp means the golden age, the 20s, 30s, 40s, cheap but engrossing entertainment before TV and gaming and comics. The old heroes: Tarzan, Buck Rogers, The Spider, The Shadow, Doc and his Fabulous Five and all the rest.  

But there are new pulp heroes being created every day. And the brilliant dean of pulp historians, Tom Johnson, and his wife, the equally knowledgeable Ginger--friends of mine, I'm proud and happy to brag--have produced a new book on the new pulp heroes called, you guessed it: NEW PULP HEROES. It's only available from Tom himself under his imprint, Fading Shadows, and, if you're lucky, he might even autograph it. My own copy is in the mail as we speak, since I ordered it as soon as I found out about it.
So if you love pulp as much as I do, then do yourself a favor: Go ye forth and do likewise.

 Here's the cover and ordering information:

 NEW PULP HEROES now available in 280-page paperback from FADING SHADOWS, $12.00, plus $3.99 postage (US). Tom& Ginger Johnson compile 56 essays on new pulp characters, plus 2 essays on villains, plus much more data. Also included are new pulp fiction stories by grandma & grandpa Johnson: “The Mind Master” by Tom, and “The Origin of Mr. Minus” by Ginger. This will only be sold through FADING SHADOWS. This is very likely the first of several books that will chronicle the history of new pulp heroes, and their creators. Order from Tom Johnson, 204 W. Custer St., Seymour, TX or contact   


  1. Pulp fiction has definitely been making a resurgence ever since the early 2000s. Pulp has the potential to fill this really cool role using exotic settings with danger and adventure that a lot of the straight-laced, genre-focused titles lack. I was recently reading a cool blog about someone who wrote a lengthy pulp story as background for the formation of a new roleplaying world: That's ambition I can definitely admire.

    P.S. I'm still totally in love with your robot wallpaper.

  2. Gail, you sweet thing. I love your new Blog. Wow, great wallpaper too. Appreciate the plug for NEW PULP HEROES. BTW, it's now available on Kindle for $3.99. Sadly, we only sold three paperbacks. Maybe the Kindle version will help make our money back from the failed paperback (sigh). Hey, I'll Link to your Blog. I still have your old Site on my Links, but I think it's down.