Links to Folks I Love or Sites I Love....or Both

Jim and Min Johnson: an awesome pair of friends. Jim writes amazing books and short stories, draws as well as he writes, and is full of ideas and plans. We've collaborated on numerous projects and have even more planned for the future. Min is his equally awesome wife, the power and inspiration behind the throne. Here's their site: Huo Guo Studio

Another Johnson, no relation, is Tom Johnson. Tom published some of my early work in his ground-breaking series of neo-pulp magazines back in the 90s. He's my hero; The Pulp Lair is just one of his many sites. Also check out his Gem Theater blog, about the old days back in Texas when he was just a young'un, before he became Dean of All Pulp.

Jonathan Kirsch is a librarian and book lover, as all librarians must be. He's an amazing writer and a good friend; in fact, we've collaborated on two series so far, with more planned. Starfarers and Knights is his blog; check it out. Jon also blogs for Scifi and Beyond, a librarian-centric spot for all of us who love science fiction and fantasy.

Donald Sullivan is a writer I met through Tom Johnson, who apparently knows everyone. Visit Sullivan's Fantastic Tales to find out more about his work.

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